£2.50 vs £30 foundation, does it compare?

£2.50 vs £30 foundation, does it compare?

I have been SO excited to share this with you! I haven’t been this excited about a product in so long, so hence my excitement.

I’ve been reading lots of posts on foundation reviews and I have now got quite a few on my list to try out (excellent). For me, foundation is one of the most important make up products as it makes all the difference to my skin. I have a really annoying skin type. In the summer it goes brown and quite oily, but in the winter my face is super pale and dry (GREAT).

I found ‘my’ foundation if you like with Estee Lauder (double wear) roughly 2 years ago and I haven’t tried another foundation since because it just suited my skin so well.

It gives quite full coverage, but doesn’t look ‘cakey’, I’m all for the natural look but I do like full coverage so this is a perfect foundation. it gives a matt finish but yet doesn’t dry out your skin

However, recently I read a post about a £2.50 foundation, and so I thought I’d give it a go, because for £2.50 what can you loose.

So, the question is, does the £2.50 one compare to my £30 one?

final 7.jpg


I love it! It’s from Primark and it’s their ‘liquid foundation’ I bought it in a ‘sand’ shade, it matches my skins perfect and gives it a bit of warmth as well. One thing I was worried about with spending so little on a foundation was how long it lasted for. But, that really isn’t an issue, I still use setting spray and it stays on just as long.


I’d say this foundation has a slightly more watery base, so it is good for those with skin types like me, quite dry, but when a bronzer is applied over the top it’s also great!

I can’t believe I have found another foundation that I adore as much as my Estee Lauder one (can’t actually believe I am saying this), I feel like I am cheating on my all time favourite product.

Has anyone else tried this before, what are your thought? Also, any foundations I should be trying out?






  1. 19th January 2017 / 03:07

    I have heard so many wonderful things about the Estee Lauder foundation. After reading your post, I may opt and buy it. Thanks!


    • Rebecca
      19th January 2017 / 21:21

      It is my go to foundation, and a little goes a long way and stays on so well! I would recommend it 🙂 X

    • Rebecca
      18th January 2017 / 18:45

      Hi Hun, wow, thank you so much! i’ll have to check this out!

      The foundation is my fave at the moment, I just really hope they continue to stock it! x

  2. 17th January 2017 / 09:51

    I can’t believe this compares to estee lauder! Definitely need to give this a go! Xx

    • Rebecca
      17th January 2017 / 13:52

      I literally love it! It’s my every day foundation now, and I don;t have to panic when I run out as it’s so cheap to replace! I’d recommend trying it out, as I say it works well for my skin, but it may not everybody’s but it’s worth a try xx

    • Rebecca
      17th January 2017 / 13:45

      Thank you so much! It is a shame, Primark do have some hidden gems sometimes, and it’s really reasonable prices! I’ll check you out on bloglovin 🙂 Thanks for stopping by x

    • Rebecca
      15th January 2017 / 20:44

      It’s just one of those stores you have to visit a few times a year and you can find so much! You have a lot of amazing store in the US that we don’t.. I think I’m desperate for a trip soon! Thanks for stopping by x

    • Rebecca
      15th January 2017 / 16:10

      I’m glad you liked reading it. I honestly can’t praise their foundation anymore, I personally really like it, it’s worth a try for the price! Ah thank you, that’s really lovely of you to say. I’ll be taking a look at you site as well c

  3. 15th January 2017 / 15:24

    I have never tried this primark foudation! so glad you like it 🙂

    • Rebecca
      15th January 2017 / 16:12

      I really recommend it! I honestly can’t believe I’m using a Primark’s foundation on a daily basis compared to my normal double wear one. One things for sure, I’m definitely saving money haha xx

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