hever castle

So here’s a bit of information about me so you can get to know me a bit more and know what I’m all about. Im 25 and live in Hertfordshire with my boyfriend and our dog Benny. Even though I moved out into a Uni house when I was studying Sport and Media at Uni, I have always wanted to own my own place with my boyfriend as soon as possible and so this happened in July 2016!

It has also been a life long dream to own a dog, so we managed to wait all of 3 months before we bought our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel puppy. So… he is really naughty but we love him so much and he really makes our place feel like home!

I work in marketing, and have some done some comms as well so I have always been interested in blogging. I started doing some blogging when I was interning for a charity and loved it. ย So I hope you enjoy my posts and maybe try to things out for yourself.


Rebecca xxx

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