The Ordinary high adherence silicone primer


I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed with base products, including primers and foundations, as recently it’s all I’ve been buying at the moment!

You’re probably all fully aware of The Ordinary skin care products (and make up) although they are pretty new, there has been quite a lot of talk about the range already. I think largely due to the fact the prices are very reasonable and the products are lets say…..pretty strange (but I like them).

I’ve had my eye on this primer for a while, and I bought it from ASOS (next day delivery perks)

You can find it on ASOS here, for £4!!

The Ordinary Silicone

As as you can see, directions are pretty simple…. you know slap it on before your base make-up.

The Ordinary claim that this primer is used for make up that looks higher in definition and last longer. It also states it reduces the looks of pores and imperfections.

Now, to be completely honest, I think its hard to tell whether a primer is really good or not because there are so many other products you put on top of it, it really is hard to tell.

All I can say is that this primer feels really nice on your skin. It looks almost like a moisturiser, and I guess feels a little like one too, but its not too sticky or wet if that makes sense.

I feel like my make up has been staying on really well recently, but that may be because of my £4 foundation that I’m loving (you can read the post here) and also the fact I use setting spray!

However, overall for £4 I’m really liking priming my skin with this product, and I’m really intrigued to try out even more of their products!

Have you tried the range and is so whats your favourite?