Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!

I’ve had quite a busy one, so I am now happy to be chilling at home and will no doubt be in bed any time soon.

I wanted to write this post because actually I don’t know the reasons why others started their blog, and it made me start to think why I started mine.

To be honest, I only really started reading blogs when I was in my first year at Uni, and I always thought wow, what these people do are amazing and I always looked up to those who could create a website, take such amazing pictures and write engaging, funny content.

It was since then I new about blogging, but NEVER thought I would ever own my own platform, it’s still weird to think about now.

I actually wrote my first blog post essentially when I was interning for a children’s charity as they had recently upgraded their website and it had a blog feature (YAY). I wrote a few of their first blog posts, and I really enjoyed it and got a great response from people both in the organisation and the visitors of the website.

It was then I started to research about starting my own blog and it all went from there really.

I decided I wanted to keep my posts open so I could write about what I wanted with reason, but it has lead to being more beauty as that is what I’m interested in, as well as fashion and general lifestyle.

I also wanted to start a blog for experience and something to add to my portfolio of experiences. Eventually when I start moving on in my career, I’d like to think this blog will give me the competitive edge over someone who hasn’t done anything like this.

I have gotten to know some amazing like-minded bloggers from doing this in just 5 months and it has been so worth it. I really hope to be doing this in the future and my main aim is to enjoy it then as much as I do now!

Why did you start blogging? I’d really like to know your motivations behind starting your blog?


Rebecca xx