Hello everyone!

I hope everyone who is reading this is good!

I thought I would do a slightly different post as I have come to the conclusion I am obsessed with buying clothes as well as being obsessed with beauty products.

I’d quite like to do a few more fashion posts as I am really into find out out about the trends and I’m intrigued at other peoples fashion posts as well. So I hope you enjoy this one πŸ™‚

If you have me on Twitter you may have noticed I am OBSESSED with ZARA! I literally can’t get enough of it and every time I go in one of their shops I fall in love with yet more clothes. I find they have such delicate pieces of clothing that are really well made but do not break the bank (which is a massive bonus).

The only thing I really don’t get on well with is their online shop! Does anyone else have this problem? I have to go in store to actually buy anything as the clothes looks so different off the models.

I thought I would list a number of items I think are perfect for summer and won’t break the bank! Let me know if you like any of these….

High waisted White Frill Shorts – Β£19.99

Cropped Trousers with Tie Β£19.99

Ribbed Crop Top – Β£5.99

Off-The-Shoulder Dress – Β£12.99

Frilled-Sleeve Dress – Β£29.99

Mini Studded Tote – Β£29.99

Bucket Bag with Knot Closure -Β£19.99

Cross body Bag with Metal Trim – Β£19.99

Swimsuit With Side Knots – Β£25.99

Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt – Β£25.99

Okay okay, I’ll stop now. Although I could go on forever as there are so many nice items in this shop. Everything is just so pretty!

What’s your fave?

Love, Rebecca