Creative Marketing: How to keep up with the digital world

I think it’s safe to say that we’d all love a ‘fun’ job, a career that gives us the creative independence that we all desperately crave. Enter Digital Marketing: a truly unique industry, offices are often super relaxed, while working environments are inspiring places where professionals have a huge amount of freedom over their work. Whether that’s creating copy, sourcing images or conjuring up ad campaigns, creative marketing is the way forward, and professionals are constantly striving to generate interest in their products or services. London Marketing Agency, Bigfoot Digital talk us through how creativity is the key to getting ahead in the digital world!

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So why is creative marketing so important?

With the competition to be seen online greater than ever before, the ways in which people consume content, and therefore how we present this content online, has changed. With so many different channels to communicate through – from mobiles to tablets, Facebook to Pinterest – and with people now expecting so much from their online experiences, it’s more important than ever for brands to stay on top. Brands, businesses and individuals need to think outside of the box to make sure they stand out amongst their competition. To reach their full online potential, markers need to fully understand their audience, and present them with content that they actually want to see. Marketers who know the people they’re trying to target will have a much higher success rate than those casting a wider net and hoping for the best. No matter their job, all creative marketers know how to successfully use data to shape an engaging, sellable narrative. Not sure where to begin? Bigfoot Digital tells you how!

What does it mean to be creative in digital marketing, and how do I implement it?

Being creative within marketing doesn’t necessarily mean to be ‘creative’ in the traditional sense. We have to use a mixture of visual creativity, along with new ideas, to try and give customers a truly unique experience so that they come back to us time and time again.

Visual Content

Creating strong visual content will take your brand to the next level – within the world of marketing, visual content is known to be more compelling, and drives traffic and engagement more than any other form of copy. Images can convey so much more information in a shorter amount of time than regular text-based data – a win-win, right? Knowing how to create images, whether that’s vectors or photography, that engage your audience is key. When reading blogs or online marketing campaigns, it is often the images that encourage people to click through to the posts.

Infographics are a perfect way to tap into the trend. Why? It’s simple – people prefer to look at something pretty and read short bites of information than simply reading long pieces of plain text. There are plenty of free tools available online – sites such as Piktochart and Canva offer beginners the perfect platform to create infographics, along with social media visuals. Users can even take advantage of their free templates to help them out!

Social Media

Every creative marketing professional knows that social media is the best way to increase your followers, engage with your customers and promote your brand, business or services. With around 500 million tweets posted and 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram every day, getting your posts seen is the biggest challenge. It’s simply not enough to send out a quick tweet and hope for the best – you’ve got to get stuck in and be creative!

People are particularly drawn by visual social media, especially those that are shareable, informative and on-brand. Videos are a great way to boost engagement – try pulling key points from your blog posts or your sales journey and create a short, informative film to share on your social channels. Alternatively, social media competitions are perfect for capture the attention of your followers and allows you to engage with your audience.

With social media, putting out post after post of promotional material will only lose you followers. Marketeers are now relying on storytelling to drive discussion on their posts. Why not share customer images, or your brand values – it’ll help to improve the credibility of your business and, by selling your story, you’ll be able to inject your own personality into your posts.

More and more brands, businesses are realising that, to succeed within the saturated world of digital marketing, they need to be more creative with their strategies. To generate followers and engagement, and to grow online, why not put these tips to the test in your own strategy!

Bigfoot Digital are an award-winning London Digital Marketing Agency. They specialise in all aspects of online marketing, from social media and content creation to website design and technical development. 

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    This was such a fab read! I’m looking into a career in digital marketing, seems like such a fun area of work to go into!xx

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      21st March 2018 / 18:23

      It really is such a fun industry! You should deffo try and get into it, especially with your blog! Xx

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