Effortless Interior Home Design Inspiration

Effortless Interior Home Design Inspiration

When it comes to home interiors, I’ve been loving the minimalistic feel with lots of whites, greys and light pinks, and it suits me just right!

Even before I had my own place, I have been obsessed with home interior looks and homeware bits, and whenever I went shopping I would constantly have my eyes on home bits – and I’m talking from a very young age.

For this post, I thought I would share some of my favourite effortless interior inspiration and what I’m currently liking at the moment.


Basically, I’d like to live in a jungle…

Well, not quite, but the more plants the better. Hanging, standing, small big, pattered, spikey whatever the shape or size I love it. I picked up my first floor plant from Ikea when I went there a years or so ago, and safe to say it’s still alive – JUST! I may, or may not forget to water it when I should do! But, yeah you can pick up some really nice real or fake foliage from various places. Matalan do some really nice hanging plants and are really reasonably priced. I also popped into NEXT earlier and saw some really cute plants in pink pots for only £10!


When I think of window shutters, it reminds me of that classic scene in The Notebook where Noah reveals the beautiful house he’s been working on for the love of his life – and ah! It’s just beautiful. The next thing on my list is to get some beautiful bespoke window shutters. They look so minimalistic but classy and fresh as well and do a blooming great job at blocking out unwanted sunlight! My favourite style is the bay window style which is just absolutely gorgeous. So if I ever have a nice light bay window -these are being installed straight away!


home interiors

I blooming love cushions! Safe to say I have collected quite the collection over the past 2 years since moving out, and although I love them, soooo does my dog which is really annoying when he gets them imbetween his teeth and rips the apart (oh the joys of having a dog). Anyway… yes cushions – you can pick up some really nice patterned, textured cushions in a variety of places.  I love TK Maxx for quirky little home bits, Primark is also really good for cheap cushions and throws! It definitely adds a bit of texture and colour to any plain area!

What are your interior inspirations? What are you loving at the moment?


Bex xx

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