Getting My Long Hair Back With Stranded International

If you’re anything like me and can’t decide whether you prefer your hair long or short, why not have both?! Yes, that’s very much possible if you invest in some good natural hair extensions from Stranded International.

As most of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen I recently got my hair chopped to my collarbone and I went from having long, luscious locks to having easy to deal with stylish (I think so) short hair. I was so surprised I went ahead and got the chop as I’ve always had long hair to be able to style and curl it

Finding Your Perfect Colour

So if you’ve always been put off ordering hair extensions or clip ins online because you’re sceptical of the hair piece matching your colour well enough for them to look natural when in your hair. Well there is no worry of that with Stranded International. They have an amazing colour matching service which ensures you purchase the best possible match with your hair!

You can upload a photo of your hair to the website directly and the team there will match it for you and give you some advice. You can also order/ request 3 order samples to be delivered if you’re stuck between a few colours for you to check in person! It’s honestly so handy.

I wasn’t too sure between two colours, but by having the sample sent I was able to choose which on was more suitable and I’m so glad I done that! The team are also so helpful via email, so if you’re really struggling with what to go for, they can certainly give good advice!

What I’m Wearing

So the piece that I went for was the Heat Resistant 14″ One Piece Flicky Clip Inย in the colour Iris which is a shade of blonde with warm colours going through, and it was a great price of ยฃ17.99. This piece is an easy clip in, heat resistant piece that is so versatile. It comes already styled (which I love as it is), it’s big and bouncy and just gives to much volume to my hair! However, what I really like about it, is the fact you can apply heat to it to style it how you want and it won’t damage it. So at that price, you can’t go wrong! There are lots of different styles you can choose from and also lengths.

stranded international hair extensions

stranded international hair extensions

stranded international hair extensions

The hair piece comes beautifully packaged, in a nice sturdy box to protect in and its secured in position to stop the hair sliding about in the post! The hair pieces really are so lovely and affordable, and whether you are looking to ad a little bit of extra length or thickness Stranded International have just what you need.

If you are looking at purchasing one of these gorge hair pieces, make sure you use the code BEX20 for money off and it’s valid until the end of December!

Let me know what you think and if you decide on trying these out ๐Ÿ™‚

*This is a collaborative post with Stranded International, all views and opinions are my own



  1. 7th November 2018 / 17:44

    It looks gorgeous Rebecca!! It looks so lovely and natural, love the colour too! I’m off to the hairdressers this weekend to get a bit of a chop, it must be fab to have both options! xx

    • Rebecca
      8th November 2018 / 20:20

      Thank you so much beaut! Yes itโ€™s good to have the best of both world! Xx

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