How I Grew My Blog From Nothing-Something In Just 4 Months

How I Grew My Blog From Nothing-Something In Just 4 Months


I hope you are all having a lovely Friday evening! I have had a brilliant Friday because I have just spent the day with my gorgeous Mum and we enjoyed a relaxing spa day (which was well bloody needed!)

With todays post I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve learnt in my short time blogging with bexfaye as I actually took a step back and realised how far I’ve actually come doing this!

I only started this blog because I wanted to do something extra for myself and have it behind me when I apply for jobs etc going forward in my career. I never anticipated getting this ‘into’ it if you like, but I think many other blogger out there would agree when I say – it’s ridiculously addictive this whole blogging thing!

So I’ll start at the beginning…


When I started I go on the WordPress bandwagon, somehow figured out how to create the initial blog and kicked off with a few random posts that I enjoyed writing about. At this point I wasn’t self hosted as I didn’t want to invest any money in something I had absolutely no clue about so I plodded along for a month or so with a really basic blog.

In the first month of blogging I realised interaction was KEY! I found a lot of other blogs via the wordpress reader and started commenting on post that I really enjoyed and it really gave me a good idea about other types of content as well. I started to interact with a few of the same people time and time again and I almost felt supported by them.

I remember hitting milestones like 50 likes on one post and it made me feel really good. The support of the wordpress reader really kicked things off for me because I started to realise people were actually interested in my content so it gave me a bit of a push to take this a little more seriously.

Social Media

When I started bexfaye I decided I also needed a presence on social media. So I set up a separate Instagram account (Check me out if you haven’t already ;)) and started from scratch. I searched around and followed loads of accounts I thought could inspire me and that I was interested in, and by the time I knew it I was started to gain a good stable following.

The same with Twitter! I had Twitter when I was at School, back in the day, but I kind of went off it because I think Instagram took it over and I wasn’t really bothered by it anymore.

HOWEVER…. Now, this is a different story! Twitter is everything for blogging. It has been my biggest platform since the start and I am so glad I decided to take to Twitter early on!

I found that joining blogger chats once a week or so is such a good way to interact with other bloggers and find out more information about the blogging world! There are a few I like to join, some for example are:        @thebloggershub_      (TBHCHAT) and        @GRLPOWRCHAT     .

After a couple of months, I then joined Pinterest. I’m still getting to grips with Pinterest to be honest, but I do really enjoy going on there. I pin lots of things raging from blog tips, to healthy baking and food recipes! I think it is worth being on as many social media platforms as you can to distribute and share your content!

Self Hosted

So after a month as I mentioned, I decided to go self hosted and I invested about £120 on a year for my domain and then also the theme I use which is linked at the footer of this page. I really wasn’t sure at first when I went self hosted because I felt my engagement went down and people just couldn’t see my posts! I was getting really stressed and panicking and thought I had made such a mistake and wasted this money on nothing. The thing I didn’t realise is that by going self hosted people who search in the reader on wordpress will not see your posts because you are not hosted by them anymore. Only unless they follow you, will people then see your posts. My likes literally went from 50+ – 10 or so!

However, this really urged me to get my blog out there more through social media and interacting with other bloggers. This way people then follow your blog if they are interested in your content.

Now, going self hosted was the best thing I did, because it allowed me to have my own unique theme which I could customise myself and I was just more content with the way it looked. The problem with being hosted by wordpress is that you are limited to the themes you can have and this essentially limits the way your blog looks and feels – something that I was getting frustrated with before which made me move.

Groups and pods

If you’ve been in this game for a while you will probably be aware the algorithms of feeds such as Instagram has had a massive impact in the blogging world. Now you will not necessarily see the most recent posts on your feed, instead it ‘cleverly’ works out the posts it thinks you would want to this and this is often to more liked and commented on posts. So what does this mean, if your post doesn’t receive the engagement you want, it might slip the net and your followers may not see the beautiful image you worked hard on and this can be frustrating.

I decided to join a couple of Instagram pods which is like a group chat on Instagram where everyone supports each other and it is a great way to find new content and make friends as well!


I really think this is what’s changed everything for me. I have really upped my photography game since I first started. Purely because I had no idea what I was doing at the start, but also I guess it’s because I care more now and I think more about what I’m doing. I’m a very visual person – one of those who flicks through a magazine but only really takes notice of the pictures, same with Facebook. This is why I think image is so important and that’s how you might capture people in the first instance!

So where am I now?

Now, I am nowhere near a big blogger or have anywhere near most people in terms of blog views and Instagram followers, but I have only been doing this for 4 months. So if you’re a ‘baby blogger’ like me then this may help. Although, I am quite proud of where I am so far, and I’m just going to keep enjoying it and posting when I want without any pressure. I have some exciting content coming soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

So as I mentioned, I started Instagram with 0 followers, I now have nearly 1.1K. With Twitter, I started with 0 followers 4 months ago, and now I have just under 2K.

I don’t get as many views on my blog as I’d like so I’m going to work on that from now on, as social media has kind of taken over (as it’s something I really enjoy).

Hope you have found this useful, and I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with all of you! Also, thank you to every beauty out there who has supported me in each and every way. YOU ARE FAB!

Much love,

Rebecca xx


  1. theglassofclass
    22nd July 2017 / 17:43

    Thank you for this post! I find it really difficult to stay motivated when I have days of no views at all on my blog, but I have only just started two weeks ago so I’m cutting myself some slack. I hope to get somewhere with it in a few months time though! I am really enjoying blogging and want to do it for as long as I can!

    You can check out my blog here:

    Julia x

  2. 11th July 2017 / 22:29

    I can so relate to this as a new blogger (only a month old)… it is very hard to expose yourself, but with consistency and perservernce, it can be done! In just one month, I am so surprised on how well I am doing – even to making my first buck! It really feels like it’s worth it when I get comments and things from people saying they relate to what I say.
    Good luck in your blogging journey!

    • Rebecca
      12th July 2017 / 09:30

      Ahh I’m really pleased you’re doing so well, and I’m glad this post was kinda useful! Keep at it girl and you’ll do amazing x

  3. 6th July 2017 / 11:22

    Loved this post! Your blog is my inspiration! Do you have any posts about how you take your photos? As I would love to know your techniques and thinking process!

    Lily |

    • Rebecca
      7th July 2017 / 08:16

      Thank you so much! That is the loveliest thing to hear, im so happy it inspires you. I did one a while ago, but I might do another updated one as I feel I have slightly changed the way I do things so keep an eye out 🙂 x

  4. 28th June 2017 / 16:03

    Hi girl well done for this content which I have similar vision as you. Thanks for the tips.

    • Rebecca
      3rd July 2017 / 17:02

      No problem at all, you’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. 1st June 2017 / 22:40

    You’ve done so amazingly well – and it’s very well deserved. I love your blog!

    I started straight off with self-hosted because I didn’t like all the restrictions of wordpress-hosted (like having to pay wordpress to have my own domain as well as the actual domain company). I do sometimes wonder if it would have been easier to grow on, but I’m having a great time connecting with people via social media so it’s probably best this way in the long run.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Beccah xx

    • Rebecca
      2nd June 2017 / 13:41

      Ah thank you so much! That means a lot! That is probably quite a good idea to start straight off as self hosted, as it was quite hard transitioning but it was deffo worth it and I know the people who come and visit my blog do it because they want to ☺️Xx

  6. helenevlacho
    13th May 2017 / 22:07

    Congratulations Rebecca! I love your blog, your overall layout and your content! Keep up the good work.

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:27

      Thank you so much, this means a lot! Have a great Sunday x

  7. Alice Snell
    13th May 2017 / 20:44

    Lovely post, your blog is honestly so amazing and i always thoroughly enjoy your content. I recently rebranded and I’ve never been happier with my blog.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:26

      Thank you Alice! This is so kind. I LOVE your blog, so glad I found you! x

  8. 13th May 2017 / 18:57

    Well done! You’ve come so far in such a short space of time. I love your Instagram, blog and twitter and your photos are really stunning! I really need to look into going self hosted as not only does the annoy me but I also really want to change up my theme! I’m just so scared as I feel like I’m totally clueless and I might ruin everything, but who knows.

    Ellie x

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:26

      Aww you are soooo amazing! Thank you, you’ve made my Sunday morning with your comment 🙂 I was in the same position, I literally had no clue, but going self hosted completely ups your game and allows you to be more flexible, if you need any help just drop me a message lovely xx

      • 15th May 2017 / 17:20

        Aw I’m glad I made your morning! Thank you if I get stuck I definitely will 🙂 xx

  9. luxblush
    13th May 2017 / 18:36

    This is such a helpful post, I’m still getting to grips with pinterest too, it’s so good! Thank you for this xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:23

      You’re welcome, ah Pinterest, I feel like it’s a hard one to crack! xx

  10. ThatGirlYT
    13th May 2017 / 17:50

    Thank you for sharing this! I started blogging back in January and I’m finding it really hard to build an audience and grow my interaction, so I bet these tips are going to be so useful to step up my game. Also, congratulations on the progress you’ve made! I know that must’ve taken a lot of hard work. 🙂 And your really are on point!


    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:22

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment 🙂 Interaction really is the best thing and you also get to make really good friends as well. You’re doing fab though xx

  11. 13th May 2017 / 09:45

    This is really helpful! I’m going to start taking better photos for my blog and I’m so excited!! Great post girl xxx

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:19

      Ah thank you so much beaut! Taking photos is sometimes a struggle but it’s so worth it when you get a great shot haha! xx

  12. 13th May 2017 / 09:33

    This was such an interesting post to read- you work so hard on your blog and it looks amazing! I really need to work on Twitter, I have slacked with it recently and that’s not great! 🙁 xxx

    • Rebecca
      14th May 2017 / 10:18

      Ah I’m glad lovely! It is hard work, but I suppose it’s fun eh 🙂 Twitter is a funny one, as if you’re in the mood to get involved it can really help with engagement xx

  13. 12th May 2017 / 22:32

    You’ve come so far in such a short space of time so congrats! I’ve been thinking about going self hosted for a while now and think I might just go for it! X


    • Rebecca
      13th May 2017 / 08:53

      It’s been tough but I’ve still enjoyed it. Yeah I think it is worth it in the long run 🙂 x

  14. 12th May 2017 / 21:27

    Thank you for a very useful post lovely! I can’t believe that you have only been blogging four months based on your follower count, that’s amazing!
    I think interaction is the thing I really need to work on… and as you can tell by me leaving this comment, I’m actually trying hard! I’m the most guilty for seeing a blog post and thinking ‘I love that!’, but then not telling the blogger! I hope your blog continues to grow!

    Blorren xo
    Beauty Blorren – A British Beauty Blog

    • Rebecca
      13th May 2017 / 08:52

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad this has helped slightly! Yes interaction is the most useful thing. It’s how you get support from others and it works in your favour as they effectively promote you as well. I was like that at first but if I like someones content I will definitely let them know now xx

  15. 12th May 2017 / 21:07

    This post is super helpful to me because I’ve very recently gone self hosted! It can be so hard because I know very little about creating websites.. I think I’m doing okay like googling sooo much stuff, but it is quite hard to get your blog out there!
    Some great tips here about social media etc. Plus, your photography is awesome, I need to learn these skills! xx

    • Rebecca
      13th May 2017 / 08:50

      Im so glad this helpful! I know that when I went self hosted I found it really difficult to get my blog out there, but now I much prefer it. Aw thank you, I am looking to get a proper camera but just need to take the plunge and pay out for one. You’re doing fab though! love your blog xx

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