How To Get Free Make-Up Beauty Samples

How To Get Free Make-Up Beauty Samples

Most beauty brands give you the opportunity to try their products first before purchasing them. This mostly happens if the said brand is introducing a new brand to the market. Taking advantage of such offers can land you a great bargain, and especially if shopping for beauty and makeup products. You don’t want to invest £30 on makeup you aren’t sure it will match your skin.

In addition to asking for samples when trying out new skin care and beauty products, you could look out for some of the big brands offering the same. Since supplies for the free samples may be limited, you need to know exactly what you need to get these. Some of the top names such as L’Occitane and L’Oreal give such offers. You could ask for free samples of their moisturisers either online or in stores near you. Other big names that offer free skincare and beauty samples include Soap & Glory and Estee Lauder.

Outlined below are a few tips, tricks, and ideas how to get lots of free makeup samples from manufacturers without a hassle.

1. Ask for samples at beauty counters

Although asking for freebies may be intimidating at first, it is the only best way to save on makeup products.  Many beauty counters will be more than ready to give you free samples of some of the best products they have. Examples of these include Debenhams, Boots, and House of Fraser beauty counters.  You, however, should have a genuine interest in the said products for the make-up artists to handle you some of these samples. It would, therefore, be best to do research on products on offer to stand a chance.

2. Become a tester

Many of the big brands are actively looking for individuals willing to test their products. This will even ship the products to your address in exchange for your feedback. Depending on the company, you will be asked to share your feedback on social media pages or send it directly to the company. Testers however need to be between the age of 20 and 25 to qualify for most of these positions. Signing up as a tester for such products could see you have lots of premium beauty products in your makeup bag.

Some of the companies you can sign up with include Elemis and Beauty Brigade by Soap & Glory’s.

3. Sign up with Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix

Feel Unique is an online beauty retailer that enables customers to try samples of their products.  Customers can sign up for the freebies to be able to get up to 5 free unique samples per month.

The samples however come in small 1.5ml perfumes and sachet for foundation. Although it may seem small, some of these samples last more than a month. You also get to try out products from big brands such as Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Clinique Moisturisers, and Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes.

You however may be required to pay postage fees and packaging (£3.95) to have these samples shipped to your home address. The package however comes with a gift voucher worth the same, which can be redeemed in stores countrywide.

4. Social media freebies

Some brands will give you a free sample in exchange for liking, retweeting, or sharing their post. Although these are quite hard to come by, you can still take advantage of the same when the opportunity presents itself. You could however get a free 10-day Primer and Foundation from Estee Lauder. Some of these products are easy to come by in freebie websites such as WOW Freestuff

5. Freebie websites

As mentioned earlier, some freebie sites (e.g. WOW Freestuff) have a wide collection of free items you can collect. They have a host of products from Chanel, Estee Lauder, MAC, L’Oreal, and Revlon.  You can even get a gift voucher of Calvin Klein Lipstick from these sites as well. You’ll however need to research more about the freebie sites, and what you have to give in return before signing up with them.

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