Instagram: Why Being Selfish Won’t Do You Any Favours

Instagram: Why Being Selfish Won’t Do You Any Favours

Let’s talk about that little app called Instagram shall we – seeing as it’s not really spoken about much!

I feel Instagram is one of those apps everyone has a love/hate relationship with. Well I certainly do anyway! One minute I’m loving it, and engagement is good and photo’s get ‘good’ amounts of likes (oh and followers don’t instantly unfollow :/). But then there are times (probably most of the time nowadays) where I hate it and I get really frustrated.

I think we all can relate to these days. The amount of people I see moaning about the algorithm, and the amount of pesky unfollowers in the game is obscene, but I don’t blame people because Instagram is definitely NOT the app it used to be.

You used to be able to post whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted (and you still can) and not worry about the results of the image. But now, where Instagram is a HUGEEEEEEE money maker (thanks Facebook) and they are encouraging everyone to pump money to make post sponsored – no thanks hun – things have become very competitive, and people are strategically posting rather than posting for the hell of it. And if you can make money from being an ‘instagrammer’ then you’re going to try really really hard to make it work.

The thing that I have realised is over the last year, you need to be active and engage.

boohoo stripe jumpsuit

I’m adopting/ have adopted a very natural way of engaging with my favourite accounts, and I’m really enjoying doing so. I love liking and commenting on posts that I truly like seeing and I feel good for gving the account credit where it’s due.

You can’t seem to grow a following or get anywhere with Instagram nowadays on your own. If you’re one of those who crave comments and likes from other accounts but cba to put the effort in with other’s then I doubt it’s going to get you very far.

I really enjoy seeing a post, liking it, and commenting something nice and being generally supportive and then reading the person’s reply. It’s a much more authentic way of building relationships,ย and the great thing is, the more you engage with others, the more likely they will return the ‘favour’ if you like.

One blogger who is amazing and supporting others is beautybyemily_xo

She is so so lovely, and always takes time to comment and show love of others’ posts so deffo go follow her!

So if you’re looking at growing your Instagram account, my suggestion is to engage engage engage and show other people love. With this you are exposing yourself and getting yourself more known out there – and this in turn will hopefully bring rewards!




  1. 19th June 2018 / 23:52

    While I’m a big picky with who I follow on Instagram, the people I do follow are showered with likes and comments by me. I love to support those I love on social media. I completely agree with you! People expect to grow their social media pages without giving anything in return! Great post Bex xxx

    Melina |

  2. 30th May 2018 / 23:09

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said! Instagram is such a pain at the moment, I seem to go through phases where I get a good amount of likes but my followers drop and then other times my followers go up but my likes decrease, it’s so frustrating! I love supporting other people and I’m always trying to like and comment on as many photos as possible, we’ve all got to help each other out. Your Instagram is gorgeous by the way, loving your outfit posts! xx

    Tiffany x

    • Rebecca
      31st May 2018 / 08:40

      Iโ€™m the same! Itโ€™s such a battle! Thank you so much, glad you like it! Thought Iโ€™d go for a bit of a change ๐Ÿ™ˆ xx

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