My NYE Primark haul!

My NYE Primark haul!

I hope everyone is having a good day and things aren’t too manic before the end of year celebrations!

So as it’s NYE I decided to pop to town to see if I could pick up some last minute bargains, and just because I had nothing else to do. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. I walked into Primark as I wanted to try out their liquid foundation which is £2.50 as I’ve read some good reviews. For £2.50 I just thought I had to try it out.

Like every ‘quick pop into Primark’ trip, it turned out to be a 30 minute hunt picking up everything I saw! Nightmare! I did stop myself buying a few other bits as I have been buying so much recently.


So today I limited myself to 4 items. I picked up the £2.50 liquid foundation in ‘sand’, the one and only carmex lip balm (as my boyfriend failed to get me a new one for Christmas!!!), this cute rose gold/copper battery powered light, and…… this amazing light pink double breasted coat for £10!!!!! It was meant be £28. I have this obsession with coats. I just keep buying them and I’m running out of space to store them and time to wear them.



I’m going to give the foundation a try soon, I’m normally used to Estee Lauder Double Wear at £30 so i don’t have really high hopes for this one because of the price tag, but you never know, it might surprise me. I will do a review once it’s been trialled and tested and let you all know about it.

Anyway, as this is my last post for 2016, I hope you all have a lovely evening tonight and spend it with loved ones and friends!

I’ll see you all on the other side.

Much love

Rebecca xx


    • 12th January 2017 / 11:51

      Thank you, it looks even nicer on ?

    • 8th January 2017 / 10:57

      Ah thank you ?? I’ve had so many compliments when I wear it, probably because it’s an unusual colour for me. I LOVE the foundation ? it’s perfect for my skin type. Thanks for stopping by x

      • 8th January 2017 / 11:02

        ahh glad you like the foundation. i like primark’s lipsticks as well, i recommend them x

    • 4th January 2017 / 16:42

      Thank you! I love a good bargain in there ?

  1. 1st January 2017 / 19:47

    Love the coat, what a bargain! xx

    • 1st January 2017 / 20:08

      Ah thank you, I know I couldn’t believe it. It will be so nice to wear when it’s spring especially! x

      • 4th January 2017 / 14:17

        I agree! I always seem so short of coats, like I never invest in them enough…may be time to change that! x

        • 4th January 2017 / 14:31

          I had so many compliments yesterday when I wore it! Yes you do, can never have too many coats 🙂 x

  2. 1st January 2017 / 16:17

    The copper light is gorgeous! I never manage to find anything that beautiful when I go into primark haha!:) Jess xo

    • 1st January 2017 / 16:29

      It’s so simple yet so nice! Ah don’t worry I’m normally the same, I have to really hunt but I saw this and had to buy it x

  3. 1st January 2017 / 02:09

    I really like the light you have! I saw it at the store and really wanted to buy it. Also great post!

    • 1st January 2017 / 12:28

      It’s so nice, you should get it when you next pop in, they also had smaller copper lights on a string which i might also buy. Ah thank you, keep in touch!

      • 1st January 2017 / 16:12

        I have the small string copper lights and I think they are great!

  4. 31st December 2016 / 16:04

    I like this a lot! I was thinking about buying the pink ‘jaket’. This had helped me a lot, have a good day a new year aswell!

    • 31st December 2016 / 16:07

      Ah thank you, can’t believe it was only £10 in the sale!

      you too, have a great new year 🙂

  5. 31st December 2016 / 15:27

    That light is stunning! Might have to pop in after New Years! LOVE IT! Love C x

    • 31st December 2016 / 15:30

      it is so nice isn’t it and it’s only £5! Also, I have just tried to foundation, and it’s so nice!! i wonder how long it lasts on my skin but so far I’m so impressed for £2.50!!

      Have a great new year 🙂

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