My top 10 Christmas gifts

So  I can’t believe it’s the 28th December already – where did Christmas even go??

I thought I’d post about my top 10 gifts I received this year, although obviously I love everything I received from everybody and am so grateful for everything! Here are 10 presents I picked out and wanted to share in no particular order…

Rosefield Tribeca white/silver watch

I had my eye on this beaut for a while now and I actually stumbled across Rosefield on Instagram and fell in love with their watches. I never used to care about wearing a watch but since my boyfriend bought me my Olivia Burton one a couple of years ago, you will now never see me without it on. I thought I’d try out a silver watch as my previous ones have been gold/ white and gold and I wear silver rings, so a silver watch would be a lot more suitable. ALSO I have gone off chunky watches, so this one is just perfect and subtle, so I guarantee I will be wearing this on a daily basis!

L’occitane Merci tin

To be honest, this little L’occitane tin was one of my many stocking fillers, I’m not sure if it was bought or if my mum got it as a free be, but I just love the compact tin and I’m really a fan of all their products, especially their travel hand creams and lip balms! This is the perfect gift to pop in your handbag as an essential.

Nars Creamy Concealer (Vanilla)

 I have already trialled and tested this product and I  am already hooked! Safe to say there is no going back for me. I simply LOVE this concealer and because of the light tone it is a great highlighter for under the eyes, and it lasts so long! If you are looking for a good concealer at the moment, I would highly recommend this product.

MAC Pro longer lip pencil (Cultured)

So this is perfect for those nudes you just love and can’t stop wearing. I have been waiting for this colour for so long and I can’t believe I actually waited until Christmas before buying it myself as it is such a good colour and goes with so many shades of nudes!

NYX sculpt and highlight brow contour (Expresso/light beige)

I really can’t wait to try this product! I have started buying more and more NYX products as I really like their bits and their prices are so reasonable! This is just something I saw when browsing on ASOS and thought it would really help me shape my brows and highlight where it’s needed. I can’t wait to give this a go – I need to have my eyebrows threaded ASAP first though.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I have always suffered with my skin, it gets irritated and sore really easily so I do have to be careful what products I put on my skin and especially my face. I only started using this the last couple of days but you can instantly tell a difference from your standard highstreet own cream. I feel like this is going to be something I will continue to buy and use as part of my every day morning routine!

Michael Kors bag

This was one of my presents I had no idea about and I absolutely love it! You can’t go wrong with a classic black shoulder bag, its so soft and flexible but also holds it’s shape so will work wonders for an every day bag. I’ve tried to find this particular one and for the life of me I can’t seem to find it but there a lots of shapes and styles on John Lewis (linked above) and some are in the sale – quick!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I’m one of those girls who has quite long but really fair eyelashes so when I don’t wear mascara I look about 5 so a good mascara is a must for me. I do like benefit and have tried their flash lash mascara so it would be rude not to try out this one.

MEMTEQ 5 -in-1 photo sense

This was one of those extra boyfriend presents that slipped in the stocking, but I actually think this is really good idea and I’m sure I will use it a lot more than I think. It simply clips on to your phone and has different lenses to create different effects.

MAC pigment (Tan)

 I really need to start wearing eyeshadow more often. I rarely go to town with my eyeshadow on a daily basis and especially not at work, but I’m starting to think I need to. I can’t wait to try this pigment out, I think this is a NYE shade and will add glitter to whatever outfit  I choose!


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