GWA Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Reviews!

GWA Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Reviews!

If you like eyeshadows/ pretty eyes/ glitter/ autumn/ neutral looks then keep reading – let’s talk about GWA (Girls With Attitude) makeup….

Girls With Attitude

I have seen GWA (Girls with Attitude) pop up a lot recently, with their pretty eyelashes stocked in Primark and there more than reasonable eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes all over social media. So obviously I had to get my hands on some to try out.

GWA eyeshadow palettes

Now, I really am not a massive eyeshadow wearer (or at least I haven’t been anyway), but things may have changed now thanks to Girls With Attitude I have found gorgeous palettes which include a whole range of colours (matt and shimmer) for me to wear all year round, and they’re REALLY REASONABLE!!! Yay!

I mean, I love Urban Decay and if I could own the whole collection, then I really would, but for me as I’m still getting into eyeshadow I don’t like spending too much of my money on it.

So GWA are perfect if you’re anything like me!

The palettes I have are:

  • Midnight Dreams
  • Natural Palette
  • Bomshell Palette

They are all so gorgeous and unique in their own way although there are a couple of similar shades in them which I quite like as well.

So… we’ll start with the Bombshell palette…

  1. GWA Makeup Bombshell palette (£9.99) – New

GWA bombshell eyeshadow palette

I mean, look at those colours! Seriously gorgeous!

So first off, I just want to say for £9.99 the quality of the palette is really good. This one comes in a gold shimmery casing with the name indented. It does look a lot more expensive than £9.99.

Also, the colours are really pigmented! The palette includes a range of matt, shimmer and metallic colours ranging from nudes/warm pinks, deep plums and shimmery pinks and golds as you can see in the photo!

You can really create a range of looks with this palette from simple neutral day looks to more dramatic night looks using the darker and deeper tones which I love!

2. GWA Makeup Midnight Dreams (£9.99) – New

Now, I didn’t actually buy this one, In fact I accidentally got sent this palette instead of the Natural one, so when I contacted GWA they were really helpful and sent me out the Natural one but let me keep this one, which is so nice of them and I’m really pleased as I love it!

GWA midnight dreams eyeshadow palette

So this palette isn’t something I would normally go for because, if I’m honest, the blue kind of scares me. Buttttttt, it’s actually a really beautiful colour and I can imagine using it to brighten up under the eye.

The casing to this palette is a GORGEOUS velvet midnight blue and again feels and look so much more expensive than it is! It’s so nice to touch too!

This palette features 12 pigmented matt, shimmer and metallic shades which include the more vibrant blue and gold tones but also incorporates the warmer brown and grey tones which really compliment each others!

3. GWA Makeup Natural (£9.99)

Ahhhh this one! I am in love!

GWA Natural eyeshadow palette

As you may be able to tell already, I really like the neutral, lighter shades as I’m not that daring when it comes to eye make up. So this one is absolutely perfect for me!

To start, the packaging is velvet like the Midnight Dreams one, but obviously a neutral colour, so it’s kind of like a peachy/baby pink and its sooooo pretty!

In terms of colours, you’ve probably guessed but yes this one is full of lovely natural tones including rose gold, copper and champagne.

You can really create some gorgeous looks with this palette and the colours make it so easy to do so. I love every single colour in this palette and I think it will quickly become my go-to palette for amazing every day looks.

Have you tried these palettes or any GWA makeup products!? I really want to try out the Ultimate Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, and I think that will be my next purchase from GWA!

Lots of love,



girls with attitude eyeshadow review



    • Rebecca
      22nd September 2017 / 08:56

      Ah I’m glad I’ve made you aware of GWA! Such nice palettes, thank you for reading x

  1. 18th September 2017 / 20:28

    I’ve not heard of this brand before but these look lovely! Where did you buy them from? X

  2. 18th September 2017 / 10:43

    Everyone keeps hyping about GWA and I can see why! These palettes look sooo pretty! That was so kind of them to send you another too! Great post lovely. Clare xx |

    • Rebecca
      19th September 2017 / 16:42

      Thank you beaut! Yeah I know, I was well pleased, you should buy one, they’re gorge! x

    • Rebecca
      19th September 2017 / 16:41

      ooooh i really want to try it out! Will deffo have to buy it soon. Thanks for reading x

  3. luxblush
    17th September 2017 / 14:57

    I love the look of Midnight Dreams, but then again all three palettes look gorgeous! The shimmery blue is calling me haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Rebecca
      18th September 2017 / 16:38

      They are all so gorgeous aren’t they! Yes the blue is very intriguing x

    • Rebecca
      18th September 2017 / 16:38

      oh no! Can you not find them online somewhere and get them shipped? x

    • Rebecca
      17th September 2017 / 08:29

      Ah really! Yes the palettes are gorge and really long lasting! I’d highly reccommemd ?☺️ X

  4. 16th September 2017 / 16:28

    The bombshell palette is gorgeous! I need to give it a go! xx

    • Rebecca
      17th September 2017 / 08:28

      It’s so gorgeous ??xx

  5. 16th September 2017 / 15:12

    The Bombshell palette is my favourite one! But the shades on all of them are beautiful, especially that shimmery blue in the Midnight Dreams palette. Would loved to have seen some swatches x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    • Rebecca
      17th September 2017 / 08:25

      It’s so pretty isn’t it! I will try and do some swatches and get them up as well ?X

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