Pretty Eyes Courtesy of Threads Beauty!

Pretty Eyes Courtesy of Threads Beauty!

Slightly unusual posting on a Thursday for me, but my timings have been majorly messed up this week! But yay, its Friday tomorrow, so close to the weekend πŸ™‚

I would like to share these beautiful lashes by Threadsbeauty with you because I have fallen in love with false lashes again.

I was kindly sent two of their lash range to review and I am so happy they sent me these. I have quite long eyelashes naturally however mine are really fair and so I tend to wear mascara/ false lashes to thicken and darken them up so they really stand out.

The beauty with their range of lashes is that there are so many options. You can literally buy a pair to suit you in every way. I found with the two I was sent, one pair I would definitely wear going out and one I could even wear every day as they are so natural.

So here’s my review…

Vava Voom Lashes

So these are the thicker of the two I was sent, and I love these so much! Although they are thicker than the other pair, they are still not over the top and I’d say still look natural, but really long, which is how I like them!

Be-Bop Lashes

As you can hopefully tell from the photos, these lashes are slightly less full and are so so so natural. I still have these on now and will wear them for the rest of the day, whereas normally I just stick to mascara. I love the look these create and I think look better than just having mascara on.

I’d also like to say that the adhesive glue these come with are the best I’ve tried before. Sometimes the glue you get with lashes aren’t that great and take a while to dry etc. These, however are so good and dry within seconds so it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to put these on!

Has anyone tried these before? If so let me know how you got on with them?

Lots of love




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