Protective Steps To Take Before House Hunting

Protective Steps To Take Before House Hunting

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If you are considering buying a house, or ready to to hunt for a house, these key points might be of use amongst all the excitement of looking for the first time, it is easy to fall into the common traps. You know? Like the mistakes which somehow last a lifetime, such as borrowing too much on a mortgage. Below are the protective steps to consider the next time (or the first time) you house hunt.

Focus On What’s Right For You

Is it the right size, or is it too big or too small? In today’s day and age, it is easy to set your sights on a house, especially one which is reasonably priced. But, because a property has a lower monthly payment plan doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Yes, the mortgage will be cheaper per month, but it costs extra in the long run. Also, a home isn’t flexible. Anyone who wants to travel or tick a dream off the bucket list may find a flat more suitable. That’s exactly what my partner and I settled for. We’ve been living in our flat for over a year, but I’m already looking at the possibilities of owning a house! *dreaming of the garden life*

Hit The Hotspots

Hunting for a place is better when the right properties are on the table. The last thing a potential homeowner wants to do is waste time viewing houses which are unsuitable. So, it is vital to head to the hotspots and scope out the area you’re looking at. This doesn’t mean the location has to be a popular one with other buyers because everyone is different. No, it implies it has to be perfect for your needs. Are there good schools in the region? What’s the crime rate like? Can you quickly get from one house to another? Read these tips for a stress-free house move to figure out these questions. Remember that on a hunt, location is everything.

Be Patient, But Not Too Patient

Unless there is a hundred grand lying around (we can all wish), you’ll need a mortgage. Signing on the dotted line requires patience because these loans are long-term. Still, there is no reason to agree to a longer deal than necessary. As a rule, a 15-year mortgage is better than a 25-year or 30-year loan. Why? Well, the agreement is shorter in length for a start. Therefore, it’s cheaper over the long-term. Plus, the interest rate is lower. Sitting around waiting for action is part of a hunt, but you have to go for it when you get the opportunity. I remember when going for a mortgage, my Dad saying to me this will be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through in your life, and actually, you know what – it wasn’t that bad. We got there in the end!

Take Time Off

Sit back and enjoy your new home/flat. The first thing you want to do is get in there and rip off all the ugly wallpaper, smother it in fresh paint and buy all the pretty home accessories. Sadly, real estate investment takes time and money. Sure, it is possible in the future. But, for now, be happy with your lot and focus on the short-term.

So..there we have some top tips to consider before hunting for a house! I remember it being a stressful, but also very exciting time becoming a homeowner for the first day!

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  1. 20th October 2017 / 13:22

    Even though I’m way off buying a house right now, this post is definitely useful! You’ve mentioned some really good tips, which I’m sure people who are in a position to start house hunting will really appreciate you sharing xx

    Lauren |

    • Rebecca
      20th October 2017 / 18:11

      It’s such a scarey thought but it’s so much fun when you get there and have your own space x

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