Oh my gaaaaaaad, It’s been a year since my boyfriend and I moved into our first place together, and got a mortgage, and just generally became more of an adult.

I’d moved away from home for 3 years when I went to Uni a few years back, but those days were completely different to actually owning your own place, having to work full time, pay bills, clean everything and be responsible.

The year has gone by sooooooo quick! I remember the excitement of it all, going to IKEA and buying all the furniture and walking into cheap shops to pick up some cute little homey bits. If I’m being honest, obviously the novelty wears off, but I still get excited to come back to my own home after a few days away, and I love living in my own space and Jordan and our 1 yr old dog, Benny.

Here are just a few things that spring to mind on what I’ve learnt from moving out in just one year…..

Being a team is key

I mean, it would be nice if you had someone do everything for you, cleaning, cooking, ironing, washing, taking the dog for walk etc etc, but realistically, it’s 100 x easier if you work together to get by. Both myself and Jordan work full time and it often varies which one of us is home first, so we spread everything between us.

I quite like doing to washing (even though J thinks I turn all his white clothes grey :/), whereas Jordan does most of the cooking because he enjoys it. And most of the time we both take the dog out and spend some time together, the three of us.

Some days you just find one of you or both of you just don’t have the energy to do anything, but you have to pull together to get everything done!

Getting a puppy is not easy

Jordan and I have always wanted dogs right back to when we were kids, but neither of our families had one. Sooooo, what did we do. We got one, 3 months after moving out hahah! Didn’t wait long did we.

We just fell in love with Benny, we couldn’t say no when we came bouncing into our arms!

He’s a working cocker spaniel, so as you can imagine, bundles of energy and needs a lot of attention. He’s coming up to 1 now, so he is improving and is showing signs of calming down, but the first few months were hard.

They were really hard. I don’t think I’ll ever get a puppy again, unless I had the time to give them being at home constantly training. They are hard work, and take all your energy, but he was 100% worth it, and I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s our little fur baby, and completes our family. All I would say is, if you’re thinking about getting a puppy, do your research into breed, make sure you are definitely sure you want to commit to them. We do not have as much time to our selves any more, but we do a lot more outside, and finding new places with him!

Also, he is expensive! Lots of trips to the vets was something we didn’t really factor in!

Appreciate your alone time

When you live together, you spend a lot more time than you think. Everything evening and all weekends they’re by your side. They annoy you, you annoy them. You bicker, but you laugh. Obviously It’s nice to spend time with them and catch up after work and tell them about your day, and when you need comforting after a hard day, it’ great.

But, you need some time apart, whether it’s going out for the day on your own or with friends, or doing a short break. This allows time for you to appreciate each other and not take each other for granted (which I do more often than not!).

Spending time by yourself, is good. Even if you sit in different rooms and do your own thing for a bit, it’s healthy. I sometime just wander into our room to blog, or just to chill whilst Jordan stays in the living room watching something he wants to watch but I don’t. IT’S FINE!

Spend your money wisely

It’s quite a big shock going from earning a decent wage and having all the money you earn to spend on what you like, to earning a decent wage but 80% of it goes on bills, a mortgage and a dog.

The money you have left each month is precious, so down waste it on things you don’t need. I try to make lunches at home to take to work, try to cut down on buying so many clothes (this is proving difficult), but also spend money on you two together, making sure you go on date nights and keeping things fresh.

So, there you go. Theres just a few points that I have learnt after moving out with a boyfriend after one year!

Have you moved out yet? Or do you want to and hopefully these will help?

Rebecca xx