Taking My Life Too Seriously – Should I Be Embracing My Twenties More?

Taking My Life Too Seriously – Should I Be Embracing My Twenties More?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘stop taking life too seriously’ but what does that actually mean?

Recently, I’ve been having those days where I sit and think about thing into WAYYYYYY too much detail. And more recently, I’ve been thinking to myself ‘Life’s too short’ A LOT more than I ever have before.

I’m the grand old age of 25, and although to some 25 years may be young, which I guess is, it’s far from my 17 year old self where I would happily go out and live life on the edge and not have any cares in the world (to some extent). I know time really does fly by, but I feel the first half of this decade in my life has just disappeared, and more so the past couple of years.

I genuinely panicked the other day thinking that I’m getting old (yeah crazy I know) and way too old before my time and that I need to really embrace my twenties. How can I worry about being old at 25, when I have family who are in their 70’s and probably aren’t even worrying.

A lot has happened over the lat 2 years or so and it feels like I have gone from my former 18 year old self to this grown up 25 year old in 30 seconds flat. It’s like something switched, and boom I was a completely different version of me. I know it’s normal for people to grow up, move out, get boyfriends and jobs etc., but still remain somewhat the same right?

I’ve really enjoyed the last 2 years, I moved out with my boyfriend in our lovely little flat, I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve developed my blog, bought a dog (who is a joy most of the time), and experienced some great things. BUT I’m not sure I have been fully embracing life. Some might say I have been taking life too seriously.

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Anyone who knows me will know I am not a serious person. I am fun, outgoing and always the nutter who’s singing their head off and first on the dancefloor, so why recently have I been taking life so so seriously? I know why actually, it’s because of this crippling anxiety I seemed to have acquired. I’m so pleased I know I have it now, as it took me ages to realise what was going on with my body (you know all the horrible symptoms). I’m very much aware of my anxiety and I’m only really just coming to terms with it and learning how to deal with it and embrace it as I’m always going to have it.

That’s the reason I have taken my life so seriously recently. I always seem to be worrying about my health – fast heartbeat, feeling faint, nauseous, numb face sever tummy ache – I am always panicking I am seriously ill and I am always at the doctors. How can I enjoy life and have fun (Like I very much used to) when all I do is panic and worry about the state of my health.

I’ve only really recently come to realise that life really is too short to be worrying about things. What’s the point of worrying when right here right now, there is nothing to worry about?ย I heard this quote in some random song and it really made me think to do just what it says “Enjoy your body, use it in every way you can, don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it – It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own”ย I really like this, because at the moment I really don’t think I enjoy my body, or am I embracing it’s power because I am constantly worrying.

I just want to go out, have a glass of wine and not worry (yes I worry about this). WHY? Honestly, I have no idea. I can feel my heart beating and I panic its beating too fast.

It’s getting so ridiculous that I’ve stopped doing things – things that seem to easy and normal to most people. Like get a train, walk into town by yourself. I have to push myself to do these things now, and it’s strange admitting that, but it’s real.

I want to enjoy the rest of my twenties, and my outlook on life has changed. We aren’t on this planet forever, so let’s all love and embrace the sh*t out of it!


  1. 31st March 2018 / 13:16

    I am an overworrier of its finest too, and I really struggle sometimes too to let all the extra thoughts and worries go and instead focus on the now. It’s finding a balance, I guess. Some don’t take life serious enough and they’ll have some problems later than you might avoid, but not doing any fun things because you’re too serious is not the goal either… I think we all kinda have to figure out our priorities, right?
    love, elena


  2. 31st March 2018 / 10:25

    A really inspiring post, i know how hard it is to try and follow through with this mentality when you have anxiety so it’s amazing that you’re actively trying to change it its so inspiring! Sometimes it is ok just to spend an evening in in your pyjamas tooโค xxxx


    • Rebecca
      31st March 2018 / 14:15

      Aww thank you lovely, youโ€™re so kind xx

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