Cheap Christmas Decorations

Cheap Christmas Decorations

So I have been in and out of the shops recently picking up the cutest Christmas home decorations and cards etc. I’m not one of those who does all the Christmas shopping in December, in actual fact I leave Christmas presents white last minute (oooops). However, I remember last year leaving it too late to pick up cute home decs, so this year I decided to look early, and it was a good shout! So i’ve listed below places where you can find cheap Christmas decorations from and not break the bank!

I wanted to share some of the places I have found some really good bits as I feel you guys need to know. If you’re like me and you like a good bargain, then definitely keep on reading 🙂

First of all, a good place to is start is good old trusty TK Maxx.

I popped in there the other day to have a quick look around the home section and fell in love with pretty much everything! I love the fact that everything is so unique and you have to get what you like there and then otherwise it might be gone the next day!

We picked up this really cute silver reindeer tea light holder which I think was £5.99! It looks so elegant and a lot more expensive than it was. It’s definitely worth looking online as well popping into store as that’s where you pick up some right bargs!TKMaxx christmas decorations

Next up, another good place to look is the discount stores, like Poundland, B&M and Bargain Buys. They are soooooo good for finding cute little home bits at, guess what…such a bargain price!

You can find Christmas cards and gift bags for just under and just over £1, really nice tree decorations for £1, string lights with pine cones on for £2-3. Even though the prices are cheap, the decorations are still really nice and can really make a different to your room/home!

How cute is that star Christmas tree topper! This was just £1 and it’ll look so pretty on the top of the tree!

Bargain Buys Christmas decorations

Another place I like to look in for reasonable Christmas decs is Next!

I used to think Next was always really expensive, but actually you can pick up some really nice homeware items from there and their prices are really reasonable. I especially love the christmas range reed diffusers. I bought one last year and I think it was £20 and lasted 10 months! So that means, yes, my living room smelt like Christmas for most of the year, but hey who cares, I won’t complain!

Have you picked up any bargains yet? I’d love to know 🙂

love, Rebecca




  1. 26th November 2017 / 19:05

    I love TK Maxx and have been eyeing up their Christmas range ever since they began putting it up in store.. 😍 Most of my props this year have come from there, or Wilkinson’s which are really reasonably priced! 🙊

  2. 24th November 2017 / 17:18

    TK Maxx is THE place to be for Christmas decs, and wrapping paper too! Plus Next is a winner for me too. They both always seem to offer decs that you know won’t be out of style the following year x

  3. 23rd November 2017 / 11:11

    I am loving Poundlands Christmas section also, I have picked a few bits and bobs up from there. Xx

  4. 21st November 2017 / 20:15

    I’ve been trying to search for cute little Christmas decorations like the ones in your photos for ages but I can’t track them down! The cutest ones I’ve seen so far are in Next like you suggested and M&S do some lovely ornaments and Christmas tree decor! Definitely need to check out Poundland and TK Maxx. Thank you for sharing, definitely needed some ideas!

    Jenny x

  5. 21st November 2017 / 17:55

    These are all so cute! I love the little polar bear you have! xx

  6. 21st November 2017 / 13:37

    I love the Christmas candles from next, Marks & Spencers do some nice homeware bits at a reasonable price too!

  7. 20th November 2017 / 20:20

    Great Ideas! Today I was thinking about going and buying some bargain Christmas decorations, so I’ll definitely go to these places to have a little look x

  8. Stuart Hudson
    20th November 2017 / 19:26

    Brilliant .. great ideas.

  9. 20th November 2017 / 19:15

    I think Tk Maxx is amazing for Christmas decorations as they are so unique and expensive looking but at a great price. Some of the cheaper shops can just look cheap. Whereas theirs totally don’t. Great post as always x

  10. 20th November 2017 / 19:12

    Ah this makes feel really Christmassy! I love Homesense for Decs plus Wilkos have some lovely bits too. I tend to go for an old fashioned look for my tree and pick up a few new ones each year. I also love garden centres for Christmas finds. I haven’t tried B&M. I’ll have to have mooch.

    Lovely post.

    Samantha x

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