What’s In My Make-Up bag?

What’s In My Make-Up bag?

Oh wow, what a lovely day it is today!

I can’t believe I am sat in my living room on my laptop writing a post when it’s sooooo nice outside! However, It has been a while since I have written a post, so it’s a must!

I decided to do this ‘what’s in my make-up bag’ post because I haven’t done one before and also I received the most beautiful custom make-up bag from The Alphabet Giftshop! THANK YOU!!!! I mean, who doesn’t like anything thats got their name on it! It’s so so cute, and I’d really recommend the other bits they sell, as they are lovely!

So what’s in my make-up bag?


So we’ll start with he base first, and the primer I have beeb loving lately is the Primark illuminating primer. I think this was £5 and it is so lovely under the foundation. It doesn’t give too much of a shine, but just enough glow that you can see under foundation. I really, really love this product and it’s worth checking out their other primers as well!


Okay, so you will always see Estee Lauder, Double Wear in my make-up bag, just because. No, but seriously, it is and always has been my fave foundation for coverage as it just creates the most perfect finish, and it lasts ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT!. 

The other foundation I am LOVING at the moment is the Bourjois, Healthy Mix foundation! This is obviously a high street brand and it’s only around £10 and you can pick it up in Boots or Superdrug etc. This gives a slightly more dewy finish that double wear, but as I have quite dry skin in general, I like to add this foundation on top of the double wear base as I actually prefer the finish. Also, it smell so good!


I have recently been trying lots of concealers to see how I get on. My mum bought me the Nars Creamy Concealer for Christmas (ages ago now! WTF) and I really fell in love, but it is expensive to keep buying every month or so.

I was in boots the other day at the makeup counter and I came across this Seventeen concealer that looked a bit like Benefit’s erase paste. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is so cheap and is pretty much as good as erase paste! I’d highly recommend this for under eye coverage!


So I have been loving Makeup Revolution recently, not just their highlighters but most of their products to be honest. Also the packaging of their makeup is insane for quite a cheap brand. I am really liking their Vivid Shim Brick in Bronze Kiss. It is so cheap but achieves such a good highlight and bronze!


I do love a bit of benefit Roller Lash, however I don’t really like paying so much for a mascara, and as I have quite long lashes anyway, I don’t mind scrimping on mascara and going for a drugstore brand. I’m sure you may have all read about the Maybelline Lash Sensational. It really is sensational and has a similar curve brush to roller lash, but it is a bigger brush.


I do really like a MAC lip creme liner, I feel they apply really well and also last a very long time! They have so many shades to go with all different colours of lipsticks!

I do like a MAC lipstick as well, but recently I’ve been obsessed with Maybelline Colour Sensational  at a much cheaper price. I find these lipsticks really moisturising, even the matt ones, they never dry my lips out as much as the liquid matt ones you can get elsewhere.

On top of all these I obviously have all my make-up brushes and beauty blenders etc, and I do use a setting spray to help set all my make-up!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What are your go-to products? I’d love to know 🙂


Rebecca xxx


  1. 27th May 2017 / 11:47

    Hi!!! We have the same name ❤️❤️
    I love this, I love this make up collection, I just love everything about this blog post. I am addicted to make up and I can’t help myself but grab some new stuff so I now have some stuff on my wishlist?


  2. 27th May 2017 / 11:45

    I am totally obsessed with Doube Wear too!!!! Since I tried it, I haven’t used any other foundation cause it’s perfect for me. I’ve been wanting to try Sensational cause I’ve heard so much great stuff about it; I’m a huuuge fan of Roller Lash! Also, LOVE that bag 🙂

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:46

      I know right it amazing, love it so much! Yeah if you like roller lash you should give this one a go, it is slightly different but it’s so good for the price as well. Me too, love personalised stuff x

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:41

      Ooo I haven’t tried Bare Minerals still but I’ve got a couple of products in mind x

  3. 26th May 2017 / 21:12

    Oh wow! Love your bag! I really want one too, great name 😉

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:39

      Aha isn’t it the best name ?Thank you, it’s so pretty isn’t it! X

  4. lablondevoyage4
    26th May 2017 / 20:39

    I have been looking for new products to try. Will be taking a look in Primark next ???

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:37

      Yes deffo it’s so good! 🙂

  5. 26th May 2017 / 20:31

    Really lovely post! I’ve seen so many people rave about the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation recently..I have dry skin and wasn’t sure if it would work for me so it’s great knowing it works for you 🙂 Love the look of the maybelline lipstick it looks so pretty!


    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:36

      Thank you lovely, yes you should deffo try it! It’s really good for dry skin so it doesn’t dry it out x

  6. 26th May 2017 / 20:16

    Okay first of all – I’ve absolutely fallen in love with your makeup bag. I’m all about personalizing EVERYTHING I have. Why does it make something 10x cooler when your name is on it? I don’t get it but I love it. LOL

    On to the actual post – MAC lip everything is my jam. That’s a great choice, I find MAC lasts the longest for me – I just don’t have time to reapply sometimes so it always works out well.

    Great post!

    ♡ Christine Anne
    A Blueberry Girl

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:34

      I know me too! I’ve recently run out! It’s so pretty isn’t it ?X

  7. 26th May 2017 / 16:18

    Everyone seems to love the Estée Lauder double wear foundation but I’ve never tried it! I love the maybelline lash sensation so much, Id never use a different mascara xxx

    • Rebecca
      29th May 2017 / 09:33

      The foundation is so so good! You need to try it ? Xx

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