What’s On My 2018 Wishlist?

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well, welcome back to another one of my posts.

I’ve never really done a wish list post before, but I really do enjoy reading what’s on others’ wish lists because I find myself taking note of the items, and more often that not I end up putting them on mine. So you never know, you may see something from this post you like and would like to save for.

Now, I just want t point out, some of these items are things I wouldn’t buy without really thinking hard about it because of the price tag that goes with it, so it may be a while (if ever) before I get my hands on some of these items.

Fist of all, lets talk about handbags, not just any old handbags, but the type that make you go WOW and stare at it in awe.

I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve never actually bought any of my designers handbags and purses. In fact – shoutout to my my ex Mum, she’s bought all them for me for special occasions like Birthday’s and Christmas etc, so I’ve been lucky enough to receive lovely bags from her.

I think it’s about time, as I approach mid twenties that I save and buy myself a bag  I really want. Below are some of the high-priced handbags that currently firmly remain on my wish-list, and probably will remain just there for quite some time (boo hoo)

I know there are some really good designer dupes that you can pick up nowadays, so I think I’m going to look into some much cheaper alternatives for the time being! Some I’ve listed below so you can get an idea 🙂

 So, enough about bags, lets talk about homeware. If you haven’t already guessed by my other posts, I am obsessed with homeware and accessories. I love picking up new cushions, throws, lights, prints etc, so I have a few homeware bits in my wishlist. I am planning on doing a big Desenio order and add loads of pretty statement prints to my walls, as currently they’re really lacking. If you haven’t checked out Desenio, then I strongly recommend you do that now 🙂

Next up are some clothing items I have my eye on from various places. Now these aren’t too expensive but I have them in my wishlist because I’ve had my eye on these for a while!

So there we have a few things that are on my 2018 wishlist! Although I would like to have these items, I think 2018 is the year for saving for me. Obviously after what happened with Benny, and having a couple of family holidays this year to pay for, most of my income will be going on these, but that’s fine by me! Bring on the memories.

Lots of love,

Bex xx


  1. 17th January 2018 / 17:57

    LOVE those bags!! I haven’t heard of Desenio before so I need to check that out. Lovely inspo!
    Thanks for sharing these wish list picks! I’ve got a Luxury wish list collab going up on Friday!

    Samantha x

    • Rebecca
      17th January 2018 / 19:23

      SAhh Desenio is amazing for prints and frames ? ahh exciting! That sounds like it’ll be a great read ?? X

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